Resume Sample for Health and Safety Specialist

Advertisement: Health and Safety Specialists ensure safety at the workplace by implementing health and safety standards. They inspect workplaces for adherence to regulations on safety, health, and the environment. They also design programs to prevent disease or injury to workers and damage to the environment. The job of a Health and Safety Specialist is very […]

Sample Objectives for a Junior Recruiter Resume

Advertisement: Junior Recruiters are beginner human resources specialists responsible for finding the right candidates for vacant positions. These professionals are the first ones as candidates come into contact when they apply for a job. This entry-level position involves going over resumes of prospective hires, screening job applicants, and generally helping people through the hiring process. […]

Activity Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Activity Coordinators work in residential facilities, nursing homes, hotels, colleges or camps where they are responsible for organizing fun activities for guests and monitoring their participation. It is a duty of an activity coordinator to make sure that the guests are involved and entertained. They have to be creative as they are responsible for organizing […]

Hospital Housekeeping Duties and Responsibilities

A hospital housekeeper works in a hospital or other health facility where he/she is required to maintain a sterile environment in and around the facility. These professionals are expected to perform a variety of cleaning duties that include inspecting rooms, operating and maintaining equipment, notifying managers of repair needs, m maintaining inventory and replenishing cleaning […]

Resume Sample for Hospitality Sales Manager

If you are applying for a job in the hospitality industry, you need to possess a resume effective enough to land you an interview. Now the question is what can you do to make your resume impressive enough that it convinces the employer that you are the perfect fit for the job and motivates him […]

Safety Officer Cover Letter Sample

Anything worthwhile is never easy. A cover letter is not just a simple note asking the employer to hire you, it is a marketing tool that is meant to inspire the employer into reading your resume. Your cover letter should not be more than one page long. Keep your letter short and simple. Don’t waste […]

Resume Sample for Safety Officer

If your resume has failed to get you an interview call, it means that it is time to rebuild it. As resume writing trends keep changing with time, so you have to make sure that your resume is according to the modern resume writing trends and standards. Also, don’t use generic samples if you want […]

Sample Letter of Interest for Nursing School

A letter of interest to apply for nursing school is written by the candidates who are want to begin their nursing careers. This letter should be written in such a way that it depicts your interest in the nursing field and persuades the reader that you are capable of taking the challenges of the nursing profession. It […]

Cover Letter Example for Retail Sales Assistant

A cover letter is a one-page document that you send along with your resume to the person or firm offering the job you are applying for. Writing a cover letter is an important part of a job hunt. Even if an employer does not ask for a cover letter, it couldn’t hurt to send one. […]

Retail Sales Assistant Resume Sample

Retail Sales Assistant work in various retail settings where they are in charge of assisting and helping customers. A sales assistant is expected to help customers choose between the company’s array of goods and services, process payments and maintain a high level of customer service. It is a good idea to create a unique and […]