Tractor Trailer Driver Job Description and Responsibilities

Advertisement: Tractor-trailer drivers transport goods from one location to another using heavy or tractor-trailer trucks. They operate trucks with a capacity of at least 26,001 pounds per gross vehicle weight. These drivers deliver goods over intercity routes, sometimes spanning several states. A person who enjoys traveling and working independently may enjoy this type of career. Driving […]

Job Duties and Responsibilities of a Dietary Aide

Advertisement: Dietary Aides provide nutrition support to people in assisted-living facilities. These professional are required to perform many duties including preparing food, helping with kitchen performing maintenance tasks, setting tables, delivering food, and maintaining food inventories etc. Generally, dietary aides spend much of their time talking to patients about their food preferences. They make sure […]

Example Objectives for Sous Chef Resume

A sous-chef is a chef who is second in command in a kitchen. A sous chef has many responsibilities such as managing kitchen staff, training new chefs, create the work schedule and enforcing food safety standards. If you want to peruse a career in this field, you need to come up with a convincing resume. […]

Duties and Responsibilities of Resident Engineer

Resident engineers manage all aspects of a construction project. They are responsible for developing and implementing engineering methods, policies and procedures to make sure that a project is completed successfully. They also make sure that the projects adhere to all plans and regulations and that safety measures are taken properly. Resident Engineers lead projects and supervise […]

Example Job Duties and Responsibilities for Affiliate Manager Resume

Affiliate Manager is a professional who coordinates all aspects of affiliate programs and completes tasks such as detecting growth opportunities, keeping in touch with affiliates, developing budgets, running tests to optimize affiliate sales, training staff on affiliate management, and organizing promotional activities. If you want to work as an affiliate manager, you need to compose […]

Resume Template for Restaurant Waitress

Restaurant Waitresses work in restaurant settings where they are responsible for serving food to customers and ensuring that customers have a satisfying dining experience. Being a waiter or waitress is not an easy job. The work is physically demanding. You’re likely to spend a whole shift on your feet or rushing about. When writing a resume […]

Sample Job Duties and Responsibilities for Correctional Officer Resume

Correctional officers, also known as detention officers, work in prisons and detention centers where they are responsible for supervising prisoners, enforcing rules and maintaining security in a local, state or federal correctional facilities. Correctional officer supervise the daily activities of inmates and make sure that inmates obey the rules. They report any inmate who violates the […]

How to Write a Cover Letter for Retail Jobs?

When you apply for any job, it is important to make sure that your resume is accompanied by a cover letter whether demanded by the employer or not. Writing a cover letter for retail positions is a very tricky job. As these positions are very demanding, so a cover letter for retail position should be written […]

Example Objectives for Dog Trainer Resume

An objective statement is a 2-3 line statement which enables the candidate to let the employers know what he/she has to offer. As it is the first thing that a prospective employer reads in any resume, therefore it must be written in a clear and attractive manner to persuade the reader that you are the perfect choice […]

Software Engineer Recommendation Letter Sample

Software engineers apply the techniques and principles of math, science, engineering to design systems and software. There are many types of software that a software engineer can develop, such as operating systems, business applications and network control systems. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills along with the ability to handle the technical work. A […]