Letter of Resignation Due to Family Emergency

Advertisement: A letter of resignation is written to announce the writer’s intent to leave a position currently held, such as an office, employment or commission. A resignation letter should also state the reason why they want to leave the job. This letter helps an employee to provide a notice period to the employer. Keep in […]

Job Description for Customer Service Assistant Resume

Advertisement: Customer service assistants work in various settings from banks to supermarkets, where they are required to handle customers. Their main responsibility is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Customer service assistants answer queries and provide advice to make sure that a customer who comes through the door leaves happy. Typical duties of […]

Sample Job Description for Library Assistant Resume

Library Assistants are responsible for providing support to Library Managers and managing daily activities. They ensure the smooth running of daily operations in library. Library assistants usually work in public libraries and handle materials such as books, magazines, journals, and computer databases. The responsibilities they are required to perform include registering patrons, updating records, answering […]

Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice Cover Letter Sample

In today’s competitive job market, you need to come up with an extraordinarily attractive cover letter to accompany your resume for every position you apply for. Generally, hiring managers spend less than 10 min to scan a job application, therefore, you need to do some extra effort to make your cover letter extra appealing. Below […]

Sample Job Description for Accounting Controller

Accounting controllers responsible for cash management and risk management within a business. These professionals are also required to deal with the management of accounting policies and procedures, accounting transactions, reporting and compliance. An ideal resume for the position of an accounting controller should demonstrate skills including strong knowledge of US GAAP, great attention to detail, […]

Sample Resume for IT Analyst

A resume is a document that provides prospective boss with a detailed statement of a candidate’s skills, previous work experience, education and accomplishments. Writing a resume for an IT analyst position is not a difficult task but to make it extraordinary requires some extra effort. An important thing to make your resume attractive is to […]

Sample Job Description for School Custodian Resume

A custodian is responsible for the general maintenance of the work area, which includes vacuuming, cleaning bathroom and performing small repair works. If you are working as a custodian at a school, you may be required to ensure children’s safety. If you are applying for the position of school custodian, you need to do a […]

Sample Objectives for Delivery Driver Resume

The first thing that an employer notices on a resume for the position of delivery driver is the objective. If you have written a powerful objective statement then there are fair chance of your selection for an interview. However, a poor and unattractive objective statement can badly effect you candidacy. As a resume’s objective provides […]

Sample Job Description for Fashion Design Assistant

For candidates who possess excellent sense of designing clothes and creating new styles of clothes, it is a good choice to start their careerĀ as a fashion designer assistant that will eventually lead to jobs as fashion designer. Candidates who want to work in the capacity of fashion designer assistant must possess skills like excellent management […]

Cover Letter Sample for Bakery Assistant

Bakery Assistants are responsible for supporting Pastry Chefs and ensuring excellent customer service. In a cover letter for a bakery assistant, highlight your skills such as excellent communication skills, organization and dexterity, ability to work well in a team and follow instructions properly. Demonstrate your interest in baking as this is the one thing employer […]