Cover Letter Test for Operating Room Staff Nurse


As cover letters is a very important part of any job application for nursing position, you should send an focused cover letter with your job application.

The succeeding example cover letter for operating room staff nurse resume will give you an excellent start in your job application process.

You may modify this sample as per your abilities and job requirements.


Cover Letter Test for Operating Room Staff Nurse

Kelly Sheridan
572 Model Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 86573
(072) 364-9745
Kelly @ email . com

May 12, 2016

Ms. Nicole Oliver
Recruiting Director
City Hospital
46 Lake Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 46211

Dear Ms. Oliver:

Your present promotion for the position of room staff nurture stimulate my advantage. In the wake of perusing your expected set of responsibilities and prerequisites about the position, I felt sure that I would be an uncommon expansion to your medicinal group. Using my BS degree in Nursing, 2 years’ experience as an enrolled medical attendant, I’ll be capable of giving high quality patient care and add to your bottom line.

Amid my tenure as a working room staff nurture at St. Peter Hospital, I was in charge of the preoperative care of pediatric and grown-up surgical patients. Through this experience, I have created solid abilities in conveying empathetic care to patients using the nursing methodology as reflected in standards of clinical practice. Moreover, I have a shown capacity to help specialists in basic surgical and endoscopic surgical strategies.

My attached resume shows my nursing skills and certain achievements. I would like to discuss your requirements and my operating room abilities in an interview. I will contact your office in 4 days for follow up. In the interim, I can be reached at (072) 364-9745.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





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