10 Examples Objectives for OJT


Following are 10 more objective samples for OJT (On Job Training). These sample objectives for the resume of OJT are best for students and recently graduated applicants. You have to modify these before using in your resume because an objective duplication might have adverse effect on your job application.

Sample Objective for OJT Resume

1. To pursue venerable career in a professional organization enable achieving company’s objectives of development, customer pleasure and service.

2. Together with assets for instance sincerity, truthfulness and struggle for excellence, I will add value and strength to any company empowering me or a team which I am fraction of.

3. In quest of a position in a top business where I am able to transmit the knowledge gained through my bachelor’s degree. I determinedly deem in the principle of implementing my duties with loyalty and courage.

4. To grow capably by giving my skills to association and vice versa.

5. To work in demanding environment where all my skills and efforts to explore and familiar myself in varied fields, and comprehend my potential and add to the growth of organization with inspiring performance.

6. To utilize my knowledge and skills in the top likely way for the implementation of organizational goals.

7. Seeking first-rate career development opportunities where my capacity and knowledge could be best subjected and utilized for the promotion of the organization and myself.

8. To do effort for quality in the field of software development with devotion, focus, positive approach, cheerful attitude and enthusiasm.

9. Seeking a dependable position with a possibility for skilled challenge and growth to support and enhance supportive objectives of the company.


10. To work with most advanced Technologies and certified company where my Skills and Knowledge can add to its success.