Example Letter for Nurse Retirement


Even though you have verbally informed your manager of your plan to retire from the position of health care worker, it is still necessary to send a formal retirement letter at least a couple weeks before.

Writing a nurse retirement letter is not difficult. Your letter might be formal or simple  based on the nature of your relation with manager.

Consider the following example in order to get a simple idea of writing a retirement letter from nursing position.

Nurse Retirement Letter Example

Kelly McDonald – RN

924 Model Road
Juneau, Alaska 28463
(865) 642-9865
Kelly @ email. com

November 12, 2009

Ms. Merida Connolly
Nursing Manager
AAA Healthcare
937 Case Street
Juneau, Alaska 28335

Dear Ms. Connolly:

I am writing to give you a 2 week notice of my intend to get retirement from my current position as a registered nurse at the AAA Healthcare. My last day at my workplace will be November 26, 2009 .

I have made a decision to take premature retirement  since,my perspective is that  life is so short, it is best to retire too early rather than too late. Even though I am looking forward to relish a cheerful and free life after retirement, I will really miss working for the hospital, coworkers and residents to whom I served for many years.

I would like to thank you for having me at the organization for the last twenty years. If I can be of further help, I will be available at my seat till November 26.

My best wishes are with you and the entire team of AAA Healthcare.