Sample Introduction Cover Letter for Nanny Job


Working like a nanny puts anyone through many tests – taking good care of children, handling cooking responsibilities and managing school runs is just not something everyone are able to do, so families in search of nannies need another person who is somewhat more than “ordinary”. Therefore, it stands to reason that men and women will look for in excess of what a mere babysitter are able to do. The term “nanny” automatically adds some responsibility to this particular position – meaning that when you produce an introductory job application letter to make application for a job, you must write something “unordinary”.

Your introduction job application letter for nanny situation should firstly information out why that you are applying for some nanny position and what do you have to offer. Upon having provided this details, you can move on to more essential things – your skills and how they helped you in gaining the knowledge you are now banking on. While it’s not at all recommended to give excessive personal information with regards to yourself, you need to publish a little about yourself along with your background as you will find there’s trust factor to take into account. Talk about beyond experiences and commendations or references. These will add credibility in your claim of being the perfect nanny and supply the family a reason to offer you the job.

Given below can be a sample introduction job application letter for a nanny position which you might be interested in:

Sample Introduction Employment cover letter for Nanny Work

January 23, 2015

Mr. Ian Baltimore
265 This tree Street
Derry, NH 72635

Beloved Mr. Baltimore:

Mrs. Josephine Smith who’s your next front door neighbor, informed me that she gets spoken to you about a possible nanny position with your family. I would choose to take this possibility to introduce myself – I was employed with Mrs. Smith to tend her daughter Jean due to the fact she was your baby and have only made a decision to leave because Jean has become a teenager and also well able to tend herself.

My childcare skills are polished through years of taking care of my ward whom always had the mind of personal and kept me on my digits. I have encountered the transition that children go through and I believe I now have the experience to tend infants as well as 16 and up. Prior to earning a living for Mrs. Smith, I was utilized by a family in Delaware for which I was handling school runs of their children aged 5 and also 8, along with managing their meals, homework and enjoyment.

I acquired the certificate from Children Services a decade ago and realize the metrics of getting work done in a home environment. I have the capacity of transitioning from your full-charge nanny whenever my ward’s mom and dad are away, to your wallflower when needed quality time because of their child.

I have enclosed a reference letter from Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Frank (my past two employers) with this particular letter. I would welcome a chance to meet with anyone and discuss this particular position further. Please contact me at (888) 888-8888 you need to speak to me.


Mia Dudley


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