Lifeguard Interview 22 Questions and Answers


Lifeguard Interview Questions and Answers

1. Please tell us regarding yourself, your training and experience as a lifeguard? What certifications are you present in?
I have been working as a lifeguard for almost a decade now. Before I was officially hired for my first real job, I went through rigorous training at the American Red Cross and also acquired both WSI and AED certifications.

2. What do you think are the most important characteristics of a lifeguard?
A lifeguard needs to be a very quick thinker in order to successfully manage life threatening situations. Being extremely organized is also very important

3. Why do you consider that you would make an outstanding lifeguard?
While I may say that I have sufficient experience, but experience is not the only factor that makes an outstanding lifeguard. To truly believe in what you are doing and enjoying every moment of it is what makes an exceptional person. I love my work which is bound to make me do well in this capacity.

4. What are the principal items to have at your pool prior to beginning of your shift?
I make sure that I have all my rescue aids handy at the beginning of my shift. This may include storm whistle, rescue buoy, resuscitator and a spinal immobilization board. One never knows when one will need any of these!

5. What is the meaning of integrity and how does it narrate to your occupation in which you are applying for?
If a person working at this position is not honest with the profession, he has failed no one but himself. Integrity is vey important. Most lifeguards will admit this but rescuing someone is a scary job. It is only our integrity that makes us move fast in a potentially life threatening situation.

6. What are your interests and hobbies?
I am an avid reader – a passion that I have a chance to indulge in only after my shift is over.

7. Who is your greatest adviser in life? Why?
The person who has made the most impact in my life is my high school teacher. He taught me that getting good grades is all very well but it is actually what you become as a human that is more important.

8. Please tell us regarding any precedent experiences you have had working with Aquatic Programs, paid or volunteer – particularly those that relate to the lifeguard position.
I once did some volunteer work with the DC Department of Parks and Recreation for their summer aquatic program. Since I was only 15 at the time, I was not given a lot of responsibility but I was trained in CPR and First Aid.

9. What are significant qualities to have at what time working with children?
With children, it is important to be more than vigilant as you never know when they might try to pull a fast one and endanger their lives. If I see children in the water, I keep my eyes peeled at all times. Before they enter the water, I sit them down and lecture them about the thin line between bravery and stupidity.

10. What would you say makes a winning aquatics program?
A program is that is tailored to everyone – from little children to adults to the elderly. This along with proper structure and safety programs is what makes an aquatics program winning.

11. If we called a earlier employer or teacher how would they describe you?
I believe you will be told that I am a responsible individual with an extremely calm nature.

12. Why must we employ you for the lifeguard position?
I am confident that I have all that it takes to be a successful lifeguard. I am positive, patient, a quick thinker and my reflexes are very fast which makes me perfect for the position.

13. What additional activities do you take part in? Which do you like most excellent and why?
I love physical activities which is why a work out a lot. I also take part in bicycle races and love riding horses. I love riding bicycles the most as it keeps me fit for the job that I am doing.

14. Describe how you plan to put rules and policies of the swimming program into effect? How do you deal with challenging customers?
I believe in educating customers. By formulating and implementing educational programs, it is easy to let customers know what is best for them when in water. Putting in a little humor helps of course. I deal with difficult customers with patience and if I cannot make them understand whatever I am saying is for their own safety and comfort, well, I do have the authority to disallow them from a program.

15. Describe how you handle working under a time limit?
I am an extremely organized person. Have been this way since forever! Time management is never an issue if you start whatever you are doing at the right time.

16. Have you ever had to watch over others? Give examples.
I do it everyday. There is always one customer that a lifeguard has to watch like a hawk. Recently, in an aquatics program for children, I came across a bully. I had to be especially watchful of his activities in the pool as he could be a danger to other children.

17. If I were to tell you that some lifeguard show a strong work ethic, what am I saying regarding that lifeguard? What does that mean? What is job promise?
Work ethics involve a lot. The ability to report on time, not slack at any time during duty and treat everyone with respect is what makes a lifeguard ethical as he is keeping true to his oath.

18. Have you ever been in a state of affairs when you have been In-charge? Explain your experience. What have you liked mainly regarding these situations? What have you liked slightest?
Many times! Right after high school, I started working as an administrative assistant at a local legal office. It was an interesting enough job as it was interesting orchestrating smooth flow of operations. The thing I did not like much was the fact that there was a unhealthy rivalry.

19. What characteristics make you a strong candidate for this position?
I would like to reiterate the fact that I am very well organized and vigilant which is what being a lifeguard is about. This coupled with my formal training and acquired certifications make me an ideal candidate for this position.

20. What inspire you to do a fine job or give good customer service at the same time as on duty?
When I am on duty, my time is my employer’s and my customers’. There is no better motivation than the fact that I owe it to them to provide excellence in service at all times.

21. For this job you will have to carry out a variety of maintenance duties for instance cleaning restrooms, changing areas, the pool deck and grass. Do you have a difficulty with this?
I am familiar with the maintenance duties of a lifeguard. I have never had any issues with it in the past and do not now either.


22. What goals or ambitions do you have for the future?
Eventually, I would like to plan and implement my own aquatics program. Until then, I am learning the ropes!