Letter of Interest for Internal Job Posting


Sometimes while working in a company, another job opening in the same company might grab your attention. In this case, you can write a letter of interest and let your employer know that you are interested in the new job opening.

Applying for another position in the same company is not actually a problem, neither it is discouraged by the employers as hiring someone they already know and have worked with is a good option. So, If there are no rules against applying for a job in another department or within the department, then go ahead and write your letter of interest.

You can write a letter of interest to apply for a higher post in the same department or for a similar job in another department, the choice is all yours. Here is a sample letter of interest for an internal job posting that will guide you further in this regard:


Letter of Interest for Internal Job Posting


October 16, 2017

Ms. Angela Carlos
Manager HR
ABC Company
872 Main Blvd
Austin, Texas 82322


Dear Ms. Carlos:

I am writing this letter to show my interest in the position of a communications manager at ABC company. I have been working as a communications officer for past 4 years in ABC Company and I believe that my skills and experience will help me excel in this role of a communications manager.

During my employment, I have been responsible for performing various tasks from obtaining caller information and evaluating information to determining optimal response and maintaining a detailed record. I have a proven track record of making logical and educated decisions in unfavorable circumstance. I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with computer competencies, business acumen and an interest in current matters. My outstanding advisory skills and negotiation abilities, good problem-solving ability, and ability to work under pressure prepare me to excel in this position.

I have been serving this company for four years and I believe that I will be able to work more effectively for the advancement of the company in a position of higher authority.

I would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss this in detail. I will call you on Friday to see if it is possible to arrange a meeting. In the interim, if you need any information, please contact me at my extension 555.


Thank you very much for your consideration.






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