Legal Intern Sample Skills


Legal interns are students or fresh graduates who practice law in an attorney’s office.

These professionals are responsible for assisting attorneys with projects. Typical duties include doing research, handling paperwork, interviewing clients, and preparing legal memoranda.

Skills mentioned in a legal intern resume include substantial legal knowledge, familiarity with legal terminologies research skills, and computer competencies along with good communication and organizational skills.

You can apply for the position of the legal intern during or after graduating from law school.

Legal Intern Sample Skills

• Skilled in interviewing victims and witnesses to gather information.
• Demonstrated expertise in doing fact investigation related to the case assigned.
• Well-versed in documenting all the gathered information to present in court.
• Capable of presenting research reports to help attorneys with cases.
• Talented at preparing legal documents
• Competent at attending court hearings, client meetings, and other case events.
• Proficient at performing clerical tasks such as staffing information desk, making photocopies, and filing.
• Excellent decision-making and problem-solving expertise.
• Good critical thinking and attention to detail.
• Exceptional legal knowledge along with good research skills and computer competencies.