Video Editor Sample Job Description


Video editors are responsible for assembling raw footage and material after production, editing them, and providing a final product. They use specialized computer software and tools for editing purposes. Their duties further include selecting usable footage, organizing footage, adding text or special effects, cleaning up audio, and much more.

To work as a video editor, an individual should have computer proficiency and the ability to use video editing tools and software. A video editor should also have good communication skills, creativity, teamwork, and time-management skills

A bachelor’s degree in film studies, cinematography, or related field is generally required to work in the position of a video editor.

Video Editor Sample Job Description

• Meet with the director to determine the production team’s needs and specifications.
• Review the script to get a better understanding of the production requirements.
• Manipulate and edit video pieces to form videos that are fully ready for viewing.
• Review raw material and select usable pieces.
• Assemble footage segments in the correct sequence.
• Trim raw video footage as necessary.
• Make cuts between different camera shots.
• Add text, music, dialogues, graphics, or special effects.
• Align sound inputs with the visual recordings.
• Perform color grading to enhance quality.
• Use computer editing software, video switching devices, digital video effects programs, and other tools for editing purposes.
• Review all edited tapes in order to determine if corrections are required.
• Consult with the stakeholders on regular basis to clarify requirements, receive feedback, and make adjustments accordingly.
• Maintain continuity and ensure logical sequencing.
• Make sure that the projects are completed on time.