Sample Resume for Hotel Manager


Hotel managers are responsible for ensuring that all the operations of the establishment are running smoothly. These professionals are further responsible for making sure that their guests are feeling welcomed.

The general duties of hotel managers include managing budgets, enforcing safety rules and standards, answering customers’ queries, and resolving their complaints. They are also in charge of developing marketing strategies and recruiting and training new employees.

An ideal candidate for the hotel manager position should possess excellent supervisory and managerial skills coupled with problem-solving orientation, leadership, and organization.

Given below is a list of some duties that a hotel manager is expected to perform on a typical working day:

Sample Resume for Hotel Manager

Alexander Smith
439 Case Road
Austin, Texas 47294
(949) 025-6523


Dedicated and motivated hotel manager with 4 years of experience in performing high-end hotel management tasks. Profound ability to supervise and monitor hotel staff to make sure that everything is working properly. Offering exceptional interpersonal communication and customer service skills.


✓ Operational Management✓ Budgeting Oversight✓ Regulatory Compliance
✓ Strategic Planning✓ Risk Identification✓ Corporate Behavior Analysis
✓ Profitability Maximization✓ Staff Hiring/Development✓ Staff Mentoring
✓ Service Standards Monitoring✓ Brand Enhancement✓ Revenue Generation Trends


• Enhanced hotel rating by implementing new policies and boosting customer service.
• Managed over 40 employees at one time each shift, over 150 total.
• Increased hotel profitability to a net 60% by controlling expenses, and increasing bookings.

Hotel General Manager
XYZ Hotel, Austin, Texas | 2018 – Present

• Welcome guests as they enter the establishment.
• Make sure that proper service is provided to the patrons despite rush or any other factor.
• Supervise the staff which includes receptionists, kitchen personnel, and office workers.
• Develop and implement effective marketing strategies to promote hotel services.
• Make sure that the hotel obeys licensing laws, health and safety, and other statutory regulations.

General Manager
ABC Hotel, Austin, Texas | 2016 – 2018

• Greeted guests politely and professionally when they entered or left the establishment.
• Developed, and planned effective marketing strategies to promote the services provided at the hotel.
• Maintained proper records of budgets, funds, and expenses.
• Managed budgets, analyzed and interpreted financial information, and maintained statistical records.
• Gathered customer feedback and resolved any issues regarding hotel services and amenities.
• Hired and trained new employees and supervised their performance, managed schedule.


State University, Austin, Texas | 2016
Master of Business Administration
Major: Hotel Management