Sample Job description for School Health Aide


The school health aides are responsible for taking care of students and ensuring their good health while on school premises. They assist the school nurses by handling routine health-related tasks and clerical duties.

These professionals are particularly skilled in helping students suffering from diseases or injuries. Their duties include taking and recording vitals, providing basic health care and First Aid to students, and performing emergency service.

To work as a school health aide, one must at least be a High school graduate or equivalent. Furthermore, he should have a good ability to work with children, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to handle crises calmly and quickly along with sound knowledge of safety practices and health standards.

Sample Job description for School Health Aide

• Tend to students suffering from disease or injuries while on campus
• Take vital signs and diagnose illness
• Provide basic first aid and CPR
• Provide appropriate emergency care of illness or injury to students
• Dispense of prescription medications under the supervision of the school nurse
• Provide health care facilities following school district policy and procedure, and as directed by the school nurse
• Accompany student to hospital, if necessary
• Contacts parents/guardians to inform them about student health
• Maintain and monitor schools health and immunization records
• Administer and record medications according to District policy
• Participate in health screening; e.g. vision, hearing, postural screenings
• Maintain daily log documentation
• Deal with students with patience and courtesy
• Provide care to disabled students
• Maintain clean and organized health office
• Maintain confidentiality of information
• Perform other duties as assigned