Resume Template for Gym Instructor


In order to secure a position in today’s competitive job market, one must possess a unique and powerful resume.

An ideal resume should highlight your skills, work history, and key accomplishments so that the potential employer can determine whether or not you are qualified for a job.

When you start writing your resume, choose a format that is the best fit for your work experience, educational background, and skill set. Start your letter with a strong profile summery where you highlight what you have to offer and how you can add value to the company. Then comes the skill section. In this section, avoid writing paragraphs describing your skills and competencies. Rather, use simple bullets. Include only those skills and abilities that are most relevant to the position in consideration.

Given below is a good resume sample for a gym instructor for your guidance.

Resume Template for Gym Instructor 
Jack Taylor
643 Canal Avenue • Sacramento, California 76576 • (112) 565-9999 •

A highly enthusiastic and active gym instructor committed to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Able to monitor clients do exercises and show them correct techniques to minimize injury and improve fitness. Skilled at explaining and enforceing safety rules and regulations on sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment. A CPR certified individual capable of providing emergency first aid if needed.

• Body Mechanics              • Stamina Building             • Equipment Maintenance
• Stretch Exercises            • Fitness Testing                  • Breathing Techniques
• Weight Loss                     • Muscle Toning                  • Cardiovascular Training
• Resistance Exercises      • Body Building                   • BMI Monitoring

• Taught over 200 patrons how to properly use gym equipment.
• Wrote 10 articles in a monthly fitness newsletter.
• Designed and customized exercise programs for 50 new clients depending on their needs and experience.

CITY GYM AND FITNESS CENTRE, Sacramento, California
Gym Instructor, September 2015 to Present

• Train people as a personal fitness trainer and build customized lesson plans to meet their individual needs.
• Conduct group exercises on regular basis.
• Demonstrate and supervise exercise techniques.


ABC FITNESS CENTRE, Sacramento, California
Gym Attendant, July 2013 to August 2015

• Introduced the newly joined members with the environment of the gym.
• Monitored the status of the gym tools and machinery regularly.
• Reported to the senior instructor about the overall work,

CITY COLLEGE, Sacramento, California, 2013
Associate of Science in Physical Education

(Mention the awards you received, if any)


• Knowledgeable regarding curing methods of the different physical abnormalities, arising while exercising.
• Profound knowledge of all sorts of diet food and their applicability as per the age group
• Excellent communication skills and instructing abilities along with Superb motivational skills
• Good hand at computer tools and the internet search engines