Cover Letter Sample for Flight Attendant Email


A cover letter for a Flight Attendant Job application should be your small introduction. It may be clipped¬†as a DOC or PDF format with your email, or into the body of email. Don’t forget, it is your first and last chance to put up your relevant skills and attributes deal.

To write a great job application letter, you can utilize the following test. Modify where necessary and send with confidence.

Airline flight Attendant Email Cover Sample

Subject: Air travel Attendant Position

Alessandro Juliani

6354 Case Street

Columbus, Ohio 93645


June 11, 2012

Mister.Alistair Abell
ABC Airways
852 Example Lane
Columbus, Ohio 37694

Dear Mr. Abell:

In answer to your recent advertising campaign for the position of Flight Attendant at ABC Airways, I am posting this email and attached resume as a job application. My six years of international soaring experience together with social background and bilingual skills makes me the perfect for this position.

Per your job explanation, you want a committed team-player who can control the crew functions while providing excellent customer service. I give you a top standard of regular service that includes serving dishes and drinks to people while assuring their safety. I am expert in managing emergency situations and able to verify the safety and comfort of passengers throughout their quest.I am highly skilled in checking that the cabin is clean, urgent machines are working correctly, and an enough resource of food and liquids is present on plank.

Furthermore, I have got a presentable, well-groomed and elegant personality. My hospitable nature, customer satisfaction talents combined with my strong communication skills would permit me to contribute significantly to the fame of ABC Airways. Make sure you find a duplicate of my attached resume which contains detailed information about my relevant expertise and capabilities.

I look ahead to get together with you personally to speak about your needs and my relevant abilities in depth.

Thanks to your time and consideration.