Sample Resume for Firefighter


Firefighters are emergency response professionals who protect others in dangerous situations and respond to fires, accidents, and other incidents where there are risks to life and property.

General duties of firefighters include responding to emergency calls regarding fire and vehicle accidents; preventing, combating, and extinguishing fires; performing search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations; and cleaning and maintaining firefighting equipment.

Skills required for a firefighter position include knowledge of first aid/CPR methods, working knowledge of firefighting equipment along with good physical fitness, confidence, resilience, and an ability to work well under pressure.

A candidate for the position of firefighter must be at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma listed on his or her curriculum vitae.

Sample Resume for Firefighter

Josep Gregson
340 Case Street, St.Paul, Minnesota 55114
(163) 785-1598
[email protected]

A passionate and experienced firefighter with 8 years successful track record of responding to emergency calls, attending incidents, and protecting people and their property from fire, smoke, and other related threats. Well-versed at performing search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations, cleaning accident sites by removing debris, writing detailed incident reports, and operating and maintaining firefighting equipment.

• Emergency Response• Fire Safety Directives
• Incident Evaluation• Fire Prevention Operations
• Fire Apparatus Operations• Equipment Maintenance

Mention your accomplishments here.

ABC Company, St.Paul, Minnesota
March 2017 – Present
• Respond to emergency calls, obtain important information, and attend incidents.
• Protect people and animals in dangerous situations such as fires, road accidents, and floods.
• Maintain and operate firefighting and rescuing equipment.
• Search and rescue trapped people and animals during fire drills and simulations.
• Prepare accurate reports after incidents and submit them to superiors.

Fire Department Assistant
AAA Company, St.Paul, Minnesota
July 2013 – February 2017
• Attended incidents and protected others in dangerous situations, such as fires, vehicle accidents, and floods.
• Operated firefighting equipment and prevented, combated and extinguished fires.
• Inspected accident sites in order to identify causes.
• Performed search and rescue of victims during fire drills and simulations.
• Provided first aid to the injured and cleaned up the accidents sites by removing debris.
• Conducted maintenance checks, stock inventory for vehicles, stations, and gear.

Current CPAT Certification – Minnesota
ABC High School, St.Paul, Minnesota– 2013
High School Diploma