Factory Worker Position Resume Sample


Factory workers are employed by a variety of factories like food and beverage, toffee processing, fabric process, dairy, leather industries, and pharmaceutical companies and the like. The responsibilities of factory worker differ depending on the type of factory they work with.

As a general rule, these individuals carry out a wide range of activities. This is believed to be a very tough job in a general sense where you would required to perform repetitive tasks for extended periods of time. For this reason, employers usually focused on the physical stamina as compared to other qualifications of applicant.

The universal requirements for a factory worker’s job are:
1. Great physical power and strength with a clean medical history
2. Know-how of math and aptitude to carry out simple calculations
3. Ability to carry out repititive tasks continually
4. Capability to work hard non-stop for extended periods of time

Given below is a Sample Resume of Factory Worker. Use this template to make your own.

Factory Worker Resume Sample

John Doe

111 Example Street ● Vaughan, ON X9C 3E9
(609) 999-9999 ● [Email Address]

OBJECTIVE: Looking for a position as a factory worker with ABC Factory utilizing great physical capabilities to produce maximum output in minimum time.

• Over 7 years’ experience with different factories producing diverse products
• Demonstrated ability to follow instructins and work diligently towards assigned jobs
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Clean medical history
• Immense flexibility in terms of work assignments and the work hours
• Great physical stamina to perform the assigned job effectively


Factory Worker | Kake Biscuit Factory, Vaughan ON | Jan 2005 – Present

• Pick imperfect biscuits out of the produced cookie stock
• Gather the substandard biscuits into vessels and send them reverse to the manufacturing team
• Pack non-defective biscuits
• Seal the biscuit packets through sealing machine
• Put the preserved packets into boxes and storing the boxes
• Report the completed work to the manager

Shift Worker | Fruit Candy Factory, London ON | Sep 2004 – Jan 2005

• Sealed the open packet by using the seal machine
• Packed the processed sachets into boxes and sticking proper area labels onto it
• Filled the grouped candies in to the sachets
• Packed gift articles in to the packet
• Reported the work done to the administrator
• Counted the shaped candies and group them accordingly

High School Diploma ● Vaughan High School – 2002


• Demonstrated ability to use a variety of machines and equipment
• Understanding of a wide variety of products manufactured in the factory
• Familiar with health and safety regulations
• Able to recognize quality control methods
• Precise, alert and careful