Example Donation Request Letter for Hospital


Donation letters are used for wide range of fund-raising initiatives. They basically request financial contributions from targeted individuals or organizations.

Depending on the reason for which you want the money to be donated, you may come across many hurdles – or none at all. If you want donation for a hospital then you will be in good fortune. Requesting for donation for reason like this may not be subjected to scorn from donors which will work well for your case.

The best way of asking for donation is by writing a donation request letter as a letter puts an official “stamp” on your request as you will of course be writing on the hospital letterhead. Start your letter with an excellent and convincing opening statement in order to grab the attention of the donor. You can do this by evoking an immediate emotional reaction by portraying a dramatic picture that will get the reader’s imagination by placing him/her in the midst of the action.

If you are writing the donation request letter to a donor with whom you have had dealings before, it will be easy to connect. If you are approaching a new donor then you have to craft your letter more carefully. Whatever the case may be, your letter should provide information regarding the reason for which you need the money and what you intend to do with it.

Below is an example donation request letter that will assist you in writing your own.

Example Donation Request Letter for Hospital

July 10, 2012

Mr. Adam Smith
Funds Coordinator
ABC Organization
736 Case Street
Austin, Texas 57927

Dear Mr. Smith:

As it is in your knowledge that St. Peter Hospital is the first and the only National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive Cancer Center devoted solely to children. We have just lately added a new division to serve children with learning disabilities and we have been quite successful in integrating them into society to help these individuals lead normal lives.

Considering the increasing demand in our services, we feel that it has become necessary to add a new department for children who need to stay at the hospital for a long period of time. Presently we have only 250 rooms which means that we cannot serve more than 250 patients at the same time and we believe that the new wing will enable us to serve more than 500 patient in a quick and efficient manner.

According to our assessment, the project will be completed in 8 months. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $80,000 but, the issue is that we do not have enough funds to achieve this goal and would like you to help us.

You have been a regular donor for our hospital and has always helped us in the hour of need. You have never disappointed us and we know that we can count on you at this time. In case you need any further information regarding the new wing, you can contact me at (748)848-6729.

Thank you,



Andrew Anderson
Hospital Manager
St. Peter Hospital