Local Delivery Driver Job Description


Local Delivery Drivers are required to work within a certain area. They are responsible for driving their vehicle on planned routes and handling deliveries locally for a company. Duties of a local delivery driver include delivering goods, loading and unloading goods, following delivery schedules, and documenting their work.

Working as a local delivery driver requires a valid driver’s license along with safe driving skills. Furthermore, an individual working in this position should have good customer service skills, attention to detail, time management skills, and the ability to multitask.

A high school diploma or GED equivalent is generally required for this job.

Local Delivery Driver Job Description

• Load goods in the delivery truck carefully
• Make sure that goods are stacked properly and safely in the truck
• Perform inspections of assigned vehicle to ensure it is in good working condition.
• Use standard maps and GPS to map routes
• Ensure on-time and efficient delivery of goods
• Transport goods from source to assigned destination
• Unload goods from the truck after reaching the destination
• Hand goods to customers, collect payments and generate receipts
• Take the customer’s signature on the receipt and return the change
• Interact with customers in a polite and professional manner
• Perform preventative maintenance on assigned vehicles
• Maintain accurate and detailed driving and delivery logs
• Adhere to all traffic and transportation laws and rules
• Handle emergency situations (accidents and breakdowns) as per protocols