Cover Letter Test For Deli Clerk


A Deli or Bakery Clerk stores, serves, prepares, and distributes bakery and deli food goods to customers and maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.

When writing your resume for a deli clerk position, include an attractive cover letter in order to grab the attention of the possible employer and promote him/her to read your enclosed Resume. Consider the succeeding sample cover letter which will help you writing your own letter.


Cover Letter Test For Deli Clerk 


754 East Street
Dover, Delaware 87646
June 30, 2010

Mr. Temuera Morrison,
Fazaldinz Market
865 Case Street
Dover, Delaware 79426

Re: Deli Clerk (Position ID 4322)

Dear Mr. Morrison :

I am writing to you to apply for a Deli Clerk position at Fazaldinz Market. A zealous daily clerk with intensive experience in supermarket setting, I am keen to utilize my skills and experience to contribute to your bottom line.

As mentioned in my enclosed resume, I have exceptional customer service skills and have a reliable vehicle. Certainly for deli clerk position, I have excellent skills in:

• Cutting, chopping, weighing, and pricing deli products in a considerable manner.
• Preparing orders to customers satisfaction.
• Unloading deli products and transfer stock to storage areas.
• Maintaining shelves and keep cases filled all the time.
• Managing freshness by coding and rotating all products.
• Pricing all products legibly in keeping with price book.

I’m enthusiastic about putting my potential for the success of Fazaldinz Market and would appreciate the chance to meet with you in an interview. I will call you after 4 days to follow up and see if it will be appropriate to arrange an interview. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at (148) 862-908.

Thank you very much for your times and thought.





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