Resume Sample for Custodian Position (No Experience)


In a resume for custodian position, the work experience section is very important and it is supported by pertinent qualification. But, if an applicant have no experience in hand, they will not be able to mention any accomplishments in their resume. In such case, you need to make a skills based or functional resume that can impress the recruiter even when there is no or very little experience to apply for the custodian position.

A functional or skill based resume focuses on your skills and competencies and it is useful for covering the lack of experience. In order to compose an excellent skill based resume, do some research to understand the prospective employer’s requirements then mention those skills in your resume that are most relevant to the employer’s demands.

Following is a resume sample for a custodian position specially designed for candidates who have no prior experience. Take a look!

Resume Sample for Custodian Position (No Experience)

 John William

256 Seventh Street • Atlanta, Georgia 72834 • (823) 782-9823 •


A hard-working and energetic individual looking for a custodian position with ABC Elementary School where strong skills in cleaning and maintenance will be utilized to ensure high sanitation standards. Offering extensive knowledge of cleaning equipment and mixing chemicals while keeping safety hazards in consideration.

• Capable of carrying put minor repair and maintenance tasks.
• Proficient at dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents and restrooms.
• Skilled at using of various cleaning chemicals and disinfectants in keeping with safety precautions and protocols.
• Skilled in emptying trash bins and clearing snow from parking lots.
• Well-versed in maintaining inventory and ensuring sufficient supply of cleaning materials necessary for proper custodial services and maintenance.


G.E.D, ABC COLLEGE, Atlanta, Georgia, 2011


• Capable of working for several hours standing.
• Great attention to detail and excellent hand eye coordination.
• Ability to work under less or no supervision.
• Capable of working under unfavorable weather condition
• Fluent in English and Turkish.