Cover Letter Sample for SEO Specialist


A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. A cover letter for the position of SEO Specialist should exhibit skills such as creativity, strategic planning, communication, time management, and self-motivation.

In order to compose an excellent cover letter for the position of SEO Specialist, you need to do some extra effort. First of all, try find out the name of the person who will be receiving your letter and then address him directly through your letter. Mention your job relevant skills in an attractive manner and also explain how you intend to utilize these skills for the betterment of the hiring organization. Don’t forget to mention your job relevant accomplishments as these will serve as job magnets in you cover letter and will persuade the employer to consider the enclosed resume.

Following is an excellent cover letter template for the position of SEO Specialist that will assist you in writing your own.

Cover Letter Sample for SEO Specialist 

Zach Woods

645 Case Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 74927
(352) 926-2946 ,

January 2, 2010

Mr. Fred Armisen
Hiring Administrator
ABC Organization
296 Davis Road
St. Paul, Minnesota 39629


Dear Mr. Armisen:

Your job advertisement cited at yesterday captured my attention and my strong background and highly relevant qualifications have prompted me to write this letter in response to your open SEO Specialist vacancy.

Through my 7 years’ progressive experience in the search engine optimization arena, I have polished my knowledge of ranking factors and search engine algorithms. I am skilled in managing PPC campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing. I am expert in researching keywords, studying traffic and analytics, and creating effective ranking strategies. I am experienced at content writing, building backlinks, and optimizing webpages. I am completely familiar with latest trends and best practices in SEO and SEM. My strengths lie in my ability to find solutions and to think outside the box. My strong communication skills, decision making ability, attention to detail and accuracy will help me perform extraordinary in this role.

I’d like to meet with you to demonstrate how I am a perfect fit for this position. I will call your office after 3 days to confirm your interest and to implore what your schedule allows in terms of a meeting date and time. In case you need to reach me sooner, I can be reach at (352) 926-2946.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.




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