Computer Support Specialist Sample Skills


Computer Support Specialists are hired by various organizations where they are required to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to the company’s staff or end-users.

Duties of a Computer Support Specialist include installing and maintaining hardware and software, testing software, solving technical issues, implementing security policies. and updating records.

To work as a Computer Support Specialist, a candidate should have strong skills in installing hardware and software, handling technical issues, and overseeing maintenance of computer systems in an organization. Furthermore, he/she should be capable of educating users about computer systems and their usage.

A college degree in computer science or a similar discipline is typically required for this job.

Computer Support Specialist Sample Skills

• Demonstrated expertise in installing and maintaining software and hardware
• Capable of deploying new peripheral hardware, such as printers, and copiers
• Effectively able to troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware issues
• Skilled in evaluating existing network systems
• Specialized skills in performing regular maintenance to make sure that networks operate correctly
• Particularly effective in resolving issues in local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Internet systems
• Deeply familiar with running diagnostic programs observe system functioning and cause of problems
• Competent in providing diagnostic reports and recommendations for corrective actions
• Unmatched ability to provide direction and support to staff or end-users
• Well-versed in responding to users’ queries regarding computer software and hardware operation
• Strong ability to translate technical concepts into layman’s terms
• Ability to help people who have difficulty in using software or hardware
• Good communication and customer service skills
• Strong listening and problem-solving skills
• Good critical thinking, multi-tasking, and time-management skills