Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description


Sales associates work everywhere we shop and the duties they perform are more or less the same. But they are also required to perform many other duties depending on the store in which they work.

Clothing Sales Associates work in retail establishments selling clothes/garments. Their main responsibility is to create such an environment where customer feel comfortable. They greet customers as they come in, ask them what type of clothes are they looking for and what kind of stuff would they prefer and assist them accordingly. They also provide customers with information regarding the product and any discount offers associated with it. To excel in this role, one must keep up with current fashion trends and should possess substantial knowledge about various brands, their history and popularity. Their duties also include keeping the store area clean and organized, receiving merchandise, displaying fashion items and collecting payments.

As clothing store sales associates are required to interact with customer, it is important that they are well-dressed and presentable at all times. The most successful sales associates are polite, friendly and have a very outgoing personality. They must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, basic math skills, customer service abilities. Sales orientation and ability to teamwork is also very important for this job. Many clothing stores prefer to hire candidates who possess a GED or high school diploma.

Given below are some of the duties that a clothing store sales associate is required to perform:

Clothing Store Sales Associate Job Description


• Greet customers as they enter the store and ask them how they can be assisted.
• Communicate with customers to determine their needs and preferences.
• Provide knowledge of fabrics and materials to customers.
• Assist customers in selecting accessories to complement their selected outfit.
• Make suggestions according to the client’s needs and preferences.
• Provide customers with information regarding the available sizes and colors.
• Assist customers in carrying the selected items to try rooms and provide honest feedback (if asked specifically).
• Provide customers with information regarding the product such as price and availability.
• Maintain stock inventory and place orders for out of stock items.
• Keep the working area neat and well-organized at all times.
• Make sure that all the fashion items are well stocked and are easy to reach.
• Adhere to Loss Prevention and inventory control and compliance procedures.
• Answer customer queries and deal with any unfavorable situation in a polite and professional manner.
• Inform customers regarding any discount offers associated with specific items.
• Handle cashier duties by taking cash or credit cards in exchange of goods sold.
• Provide customers with information on return and exchange policies.