Cover Letter Sample for Clinical Nurse Specialist


Health Callings is introducing a new feature on our website: sample cover letters. Check back often to find a sample that suits your specific profession. In this first sample, we offer a somewhat warmer approach to the letter, addressing some of the applicant’s personal qualities. That’s because the resume strongly sells the applicant’s clinical skills and expertise. Remember: A cover letter is not just a rehash of your resume!
About this letter

If you don’t know a specific person to address in the letter, use “Dear Human Resources at XX Company.”
The words in boldface throughout the letter below are keywords that were used in the job description. Using the same keywords in the cover letter will get it through the organization’s applicant tracking software.
The letter offers third-party recommendations of the applicant, by mentioning “employee of the month” nominations, and the patient letters.
The cover letter explains why she is looking for a new job (she relocated). And it shows she is a compassionate provider and leader.
Mentioning the organization’s mission statement shows you’ve done your homework.
It’s contained on a single page.


Ms. Jane Smith
Director, Human Resources
Company name
Company address

Dear Ms. ABC,

My 18 years of experience as a registered nurse in various healthcare settings, from acute care to intensive care, includes comprehensive and holistic assessments using evidence–based technology, tools and methods. In addition to strong clinical expertise, my work experiences have developed my interpersonal skills, confirmed by nomination as “employee of the month” a dozen times throughout my career. I have exhibited organizational stewardship by coordinating care with my peers, while following established policies and regulations. I have served diverse patient populations, and have happily received letters from former patients thanking me for my care.

In my most recent position as full-time clinical specialist in the oncology unit at [former employer and city], I was responsible for a staff of 30 nurses during any one shift. I mentored new nurses, and felt pride as I watched them develop their confidence. I left this position in 2011 to relocate in New Mexico, when my husband accepted a position here.

I am eager to put my clinical skills back to work, and I already possess a license to practice in the state. The mission of your organization aligns with my own values (Excellent patient care drives personal and professional success), which is why I would especially enjoy being a part of your staff.

My salary requirements are flexible, depending on the nature and scope of the position. Furthermore, I am available as soon as March 15.

My clinical skills and certifications are detailed in the attached resume. I look forward to meeting with you and learning how my expertise can bring the highest level of cost-effective patient satisfaction to your organization.



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