Clinical Nurse Specialist Sample Cover Letter


Scientific Nurse Specialists are skilled professionals who have completed degree (usually a masters degree) and training in the research and organization of ordinary medical conditions and severe  illnesses.

A good cover letter for clinical nurse specialist will grab the interest of a possible employer at a clinic, hospital or other medical facility.

A Clinical Nurse Specialist cover letter works effectively every time a prospect specifies their understanding and shows that they really know what is essential to perform the job.

Sample Cover Letter for Clinical Nurse Specialist Resume

Kevin Hart

852 Case Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 74254

March 19, 2012

Mister. Eric Stonestreet
Hiring Administrator
XYZ  Health Program
813  Example Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 97135

Dear Mr. Stonestreet:

I am interested in the position of Clinical Nurse Specialist at the XYZ Health Program, which was advertised in the Daily Times. Along with my Master’s degree in nursing, hands-on experience and special training in identifying and treating severe health problems, I have the potential to become the main element affiliate of XYZ Health Program.

By employing my knowledge and intensive experience, I can operate an extensive array of medical facilities and environments and able to serve in a number of roles. As you can see in the enclosed resume,I am expert in interpretation of information relating to a wide array of policies, methods, and subject matter within the area of medical practice. Moreover, I can effectively educate nursing personnel, patients and their family. I always served as a problem solver while providing resources to examine the impact and appropriateness of practice on patient outcomes.

My resume and transcripts are enclosed for your perusal. I will contact you in a week to schedule a meeting through which I may further discuss my qualifications for the Clinical Nurse Specialist position.Meanwhile, I can be reached at (853) 592-5217 or via email at Kevin

Thank you for your time and consideration.