Clinical Assistant Sample Job Description


Clinical Assistants are expected to provide assistance to physicians, nurses, and laboratory technicians in performing clinical tasks.

General duties of these professionals include communicating with patients, taking their history, documenting the information, performing tests and screenings, filling files, and assisting patients in waiting rooms.

An ideal candidate should exhibit good communication skills, active listening skills, sufficient medical knowledge, familiarity with medical terms, and computer competency.

A high school diploma or GED is required for this job.

Clinical Assistant Sample Job Description

• Welcome patients and assist them in the waiting room by taking vitals.
• Take patient’s history, document information, and fill files electronically and manually.
• Perform minor tests and screenings.
• Prepare patients for examination by performing initial tests such as checking weight, blood pressure, etc.
• Schedule appointments and set up surgical equipment.
• Prepare charts and pre-admission and consent forms.
• Save physician’s time by carrying out office procedures.
• Maintain inventory to ensure stock availability in examination and procedure rooms.
• Maintain supplies, place orders as and when needed, perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot breakdowns, and call for repairs.
• Informing patients regarding services offered at the clinic.
• Keep all exam rooms clean, and sanitized, and maintain surgical equipment.
• Manage reception area and carry out administrative tasks as assigned.