Cover Letter Template for a Cleaner with No Experience


Writing a cover letter when you have no experience in hand might be a difficult task. When you have no related work experience then you will need to think of other ways to sell yourself in your cover letter. The main purpose of this kind of cover letter is to prove that your personal qualities and skills are in perfect agreement with the employer’s requirements and also that they will make a positive contribution to the company.

First of all, read the job description issued by the prospective employer carefully and thoroughly. Then make a list of your skills and competencies and focus on those abilities that are demanded by the employer.

You can also mention any part-time job or volunteer work you have done. You can also mention any clubs and societies you were part of. Explain the skills you have learned and how you plan to utilize these skills for the advancement of the company.

Given below is a sample cover letter for a cleaner with no work experience.


Cover Letter Template for a Cleaner with No Experience


February 16, 2018

Ms. Laura Smith
HR Manager
AAA Company
782 Canal Road
St.Paul, Minnesota 87293


Dear Ms. Smith:

I found out about your need of a cleaner through the job advertisement posted on your website. After reading your job description, I feel that I possess the perfect skill set that will help me excel in this role. Therefore, I am writing this letter to formally apply for the position of a cleaner at AAA Company.

I am a hard-working and dedicated professional with good knowledge of proper cleaning and sanitation. I offer expertise in sweeping, mopping, ironing, dusting, cleaning, vacuuming and washing. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in making beds, disposing trash, sanitizing toilets, and cleaning windows and mirrors.

Moreover, I am a polite and respectful individual with ability to follow directions accurately and good attention to detail. My physical stamina combined with the ability to stand for long periods of time will be a definite asset to your company.

Being an energetic and highly motivated individual, I am looking forward to meet with you in person to discuss this position in detail. I will call you office after 5 days for follow-up and to see if it is possible to arrange a meeting at a time and date that best matches your busy schedule.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



(333) 444-1111



Encl. Resume