Cover Letter Example For Cleaner


Cyril Goulet
1284 Wood Duck Drive
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Oct 6, 2010

Mr. Cary Shook
InterContinental Hotels Group
3486 Stoney Lane
Richardson, TX 75081

Dear Mr. ABC,

I would like to submit this letter and my resume in response to the Cleaner opening at your company. I am an enthusiastic worker and know what it takes to do commercial and domestic cleaning duties, I am trustworthy and completely discrete which would make me a good addition to InterContinental Hotels Group.

Please see below for a summary of my qualifications and history that can be found on my resume:

• Cleaning is something I have been doing for over 8 years and no mess is too much for me to handle on a regular basis.

• I have worked in this industry doing domestic cleaning for regular clients as well as working in offices and hotels.

• There is no problem with me working with other cleaners in order to get a job completed as I know many projects take more than one worker.

Any organization requires team work to get jobs accomplished and cleaning in one of the times when it can take a full team. I feel that I would be a dedicated and exemplary addition to InterContinental Hotels Group because I have a love for my work.

I would like the opportunity to have a meeting to discuss my work history in further detail. Please call me at (777)-491-2383 or email me at