Cleaner Resume Objective Examples


A good objective for your cleaning resume will lead to a successful interview call and subsequently to the job. Following are 9 sample objectives for cleaner resume which might be used in your resume to maximize its effectiveness.

Sample Cleaner Resume Objectives

1. To obtain a cleaning position at Atlanta Resorts which will utilize and further develop each of my extensive skills in domestic and commercial cleaning and will allow me to work my way up into a position of more responsibility.

2. Obtain a cleaner position with Texas Housekeeping Company where my current experience in house cleaning and love of sanitized environment can be fully utilized.

3. Seeking a position in cleaning industry allowing me to bring to my knowledge to maximize efficiency.

4. Looking for an opportunity to work for AVC cleaning company in order to make use of my sanitization skills successfully

5. A demanding career opening utilizing my skills and experience to promote the company’s vision

6. Hardworking and skilled cleaner in search of employment in my field where I may be able to utilize my cleaning skills in household and commercial sectors with a genuine and devoted effort to help the company in meeting and exceeding their goals.

7. In search of an opportunity in a reputed cleaning company where I can harmonize my skills and contribute in the most efficient manner.

8. To utilize my cleaning experience and skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance for the organization.


9. Seeking a cleaner opportunity in ABC organization which will help me deliver my best cleaning skills so as to meet and exceed the demands of the organization.