Sample Resume for CCTV Operator Position


CCTV operators are responsible for monitoring CCTV camera footage, reporting any noticed incidents, and contacting emergency services if required.

The general duties of CCTV operators include monitoring CCTV screens, maintaining daily logs, incident and shift reports.

If you are interested in working as a CCTV operator, you should possess sufficient surveillance system knowledge, attention to detail, accuracy, literacy and numeracy skills, ability to multitask, and good communication skills.

Sample Resume for CCTV Operator Position

Stephen Beasley
675 Lake Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky 40622
(761) 731-4825

Skilled and vigilant professional exceptionally talented and installing, operating and maintaining surveillance systems. Proficient in using video recording software, editing footage, and maintaining logs. Well-versed in observing CCTV monitors and contacting authorities in case of anything suspicious. Excellent eyesight, concentration, and great attention to detail.

Equipment Operations | Preventative Maintenance
Footage Storage | Surveillance Oversight
Incident Reporting | Log Maintenance
Security Maintenance | Exit Control
Panel Handling | Authorities Liaison
Downtime Minimization | Safety Management

CCTV Operator
XYZ Residentials, Frankfort, Kentucky

• Install, operate, and main surveillance system.
• Constantly observes and monitors surveillance screens in order to identify anything suspicious.
• Vigilantly respond in case of any emergency.
• Patrol the assigned area and communicate with the guards to ensure the safeguard of the premises.
• Contact appropriate authorities in case you of any incident.
• Provide witness statements and copies of surveillance footage for evidence, if required.
• Keep a log of all incidents and maintain a record of daily system checks.

Assistant CCTV Operator
ABC Company, Frankfort, Kentucky

• Installed, maintained, repaired CCTV cameras.
• Monitored CCTV screens and maintained logbooks.
• Patrolled assigned area and performed routine maintenance checks.
• Vigilanty determined unusual and suspicious activities and notified concerned authorities.
• Edited video footages according to clients’ instructions and prepare a copy for their reference.

High School Diploma
State High School, Frankfort, Kentucky – 2014