Sample Job Description for CCTV Operator Position


CCTV operators are responsible for monitoring CCTV camera footage, reporting any noticed incidents, and contacting emergency services if required.
The general duties of CCTV operators include monitoring CCTV screens, maintaining daily logs, incident and shift reports.
If you are interested in working as a CCTV operator, you should possess sufficient surveillance system knowledge, attention to detail, accuracy, literacy and numeracy skills, ability to multitask, and good communication skills.
Sample Job Description for CCTV Operator Position
• Constantly monitor and observe surveillance screen.
• Install CCTV systems if required.
• Be vigilant and respond to any incident quickly.
• Make sure that the camera is working properly at the start and end of every shift.
• Operate surveillance system and ensure that the recording and retrieval system is working properly.
• Maintain a record of daily system checks.
• Patrol the premises on a regular basis.
• Communicate with the guard of the premises to ensure the safety of the entire facility.
• Report any unusual or suspicious incident or activity.
• Timely contact the appropriate authorities in case you see something illegal on the monitor.