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Sample Application Letter for Non Vacant Teaching Position

Advertisement: Mostly a cover letter is written in response of an advertisements for any position. However, if there is an organization where you would like to work, but has no vacancy open yet, you can still write the a cover letter for a non vacant position.When you write a cover letter for a non vacant […]

Sample Recommendation Letter for Teacher

Advertisement: A recommendation letter is a document which is written by a previous employer, colleague, client, teacher, or by someone else who can recommend an individual’s work or academic performance. The goal of recommendation letters is to vouch for the skills, achievements, and aptitude of the person being recommended. Writing a recommendation letter for a […]

Teaching Position Best Cover Letter

Introduction: A teacher’s cover letter is an initial impression on school’s hiring committee. If you ignore the value of this important document, you could loose a chance of interview. If you really want to be considered for a teaching job, you should customize your resume cover letter in a way which correctly represent your experience […]