Resume Sample

Sample Resume for Restaurant Owner

Advertisement: Owning a restaurant is a dream of many individuals who are interested in culinary business. It can be exciting as well as lucrative. Anyone can become a restaurant owner but it takes more that desire to be a profitable one. Being a restaurant owner requires skills and dedication. A restaurant manager is responsible for […]

Spa Manager Skills Resume Sample

Advertisement: Sometime people find is difficult to write a resume as they have lots of information to add up in their resume but have limited space. To write an excellent resume for the position of spa manger, one should know how to summarize your skills and state them efficiently in a limited space. First step […]

Resume Sample for Communications Manager

Communications Manager create, implement and oversee communications programs that effectively provide promotional information regarding the organization and its products to clients, potential and existing, and perhaps even the general public. Their responsibilities include  providing day-to-day support to the company’s markets and using Google Analytics and marketing findings to track and analyze website traffic. A resume […]

WordPress Developer Resume Sample

WordPress is a free publishing software and content management system (CMS) that is popular in America. The software is an open-source allowing developers to create a wide array of plug-ins, themes and widgets. WordPress is widely considered easy to use and is the CMS of choice for almost 75 million websites. To be able to […]

Resume Sample for Service Crew

Service crew work in a business organizations such as hotels and restaurants where they are required to serve customers directly. Duties of a service crew member also include cleaning up the tables after guests are through with their meals and providing help at the kitchen. An individual working as a service crew member must possess great […]

Resume Sample for Safety Coordinator

In present day’s competitive job market, composing a successful resume is a difficult task. Generally, a resume for Safety Coordinator position consists of an objective statement or profile summary followed by the candidate’s qualifications. After this comes the work experience followed by core competencies and achievements. Some resume may also contain an additional skills section depending […]

Example Resume for Forklift Driver

Forklift drivers are generally employed by a warehouse or factory where they are required to operate powered trucks to load and unload goods and move them from one point to another. The position of a forklift driver is a challenging one. It demands remarkable attention and watchfulness. It is preferable to compose an employer-centered resume […]

Example Resume for Barista

If you have a passion for coffee and love the smell of coffee beans, then a position as barista is the perfect for you. A barista is the person behind the coffee shop counters who makes many cups of coffee for customers daily. Even if you have a passion for coffee and are proficient at brewing […]

Resume Sample for Paraprofessional (No Experience)

A paraprofessional, also known as a teacher’s aide, is hired by educational settings. They help lead teacher in carrying out clerical work, making lesson plans and organizing after-school activities for students. Making a resume for an entry level paraprofessional position might seem a challenging task but with little assistance, the resume writing process becomes easy. When […]

Resume Template for Entry Level Police Officer

If you have decided to select law enforcement as a career then you have to compose an eye-catching resume. Since the position is basic/entry level, you would not be having any experience to exhibit except for your internship or any volunteer work. In spite of the fact that these are worth mentioning, however it is most wisely to […]