Recommendation Letter

Software Engineer Recommendation Letter Sample

Advertisement: Software engineers apply the techniques and principles of math, science, engineering to design systems and software. There are many types of software that a software engineer can develop, such as operating systems, business applications and network control systems. Software engineers must possess strong programming skills along with the ability to handle the technical work. […]

Chef Reference Letter Sample

Advertisement: Chefs work at different restaurants and prepare dishes. Key capabilities required for this position are cooking skills, creativity, leadership, multitasking, time management, and good communication skills. It is a very difficult task to write a reference letter for a chef as a chef is a great asset to the restaurant. A chef plays an important role […]

Recommendation Letter Sample for Cashier

Letter of recommendation for cashiers is a good way for future employers and determine the candidacy and characteristics of a possible employee. If your previous employee or student request you to write a letter for them, you want to get the right tone that perfectly define her cashiering expertise and customer service abilities. While writing […]

Example Recommendation Letter for Waitress

A recommendation or reference letter for waitress is generally needed by the possible employer when applying for a new job. While writing such type of letter, don’t forget to mention the key attributes and the duties performed by the waitress at your set-up. The recommendation letter must be printed on your company’s letterhead. Bellow is an […]

Recommendation Letter for High School Student Entering College

Choose whichever field you would like to, you cannot do much without a recommendation letter. Many decisions are made about hiring someone based on the recommendation – many decision will also be made on which senior high school student to hire for any college degree. A recommendation letter for any high school student usually written […]