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Grocery Store Manager Sample Job Description

Advertisement: Grocery Store Managers are responsible for supervising the daily operations of a grocery store. They are also required to handle both administrative and retail activities at a grocery store. Responsibilities of a grocery store manager also include managing inventory, liaising with vendors, responding to customer complaints, ensuring that safety policies are implemented, and creating […]

Ramp Agent Sample Job Description

Ramp agents work on the airports where they are responsible for ensuring that flights remain on schedule. They make sure that each gate is clear when a plane approaches, and guide the planes to and from the gate. Furthermore, they are in charge of loading and unloading of cargo, operating ground equipment, de-icing planes, and […]

Medical Records Clerk Sample Job Description

Medical Records Clerks work in health care facilities where they are responsible for creating new medical records and maintaining and retrieving existing medical records. Duties of a medical records clerk also include collecting patient information, issuing medical files, assigning new record numbers, processing admission procedures and discharge records and keeping all files confidential, etc. A […]

Linen-Worker Sample Job Description

Linen-workers generally work in commercial establishments like hotels or hospitals where they are responsible for handling laundry services. Duties of a linen-worker include operating washing machines and dryers, sorting soiled linen, selecting cleaning agents, removing stains, and drying clothes. To work as a linen-worker, one should have a strong ability to operate and maintain the […]

Farm Hand Sample Job Description

Farmhands assist the farmers in carrying out routine operations of the farm. They assist farmers in feeding livestock, cleaning their pens, and operating milking machinery. Furthermore, these professionals are responsible for sowing crops, cleaning animal waste, and performing minor repairs on farm machinery. Your resume for this position should highlight your excellent animal and land […]

Convenience Store Supervisor Job Description

A convenience store supervisor is responsible for handling daily operations in a small store or retail business. He/she is required to perform many tasks including hiring and training of staff, maintaining inventories, budgeting, scheduling, and implementing safety policies. To work as a convenience store supervisor, one should have substantial knowledge of the retail industry and […]

Sample Job Description for Cashier Job

Cashiers work at retail establishments and their main responsibility is to scan items, collect payments. operate cash registers and issue receipts. Their responsibilities further include assisting customers by explaining items or answering questions, processing exchanges or refunds, and counting the contents of the cash register drawers at the end of the shift. An ideal candidate […]

Fast-Food Cook Sample Job Description

A Fast Food Cook completes food preparation duties in fast-food establishments with a limited menu. They prepare and cook food, such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, fries and fried chicken. Their responsibilities also include operating cooking equipment, mixing ingredients, ensuring food quality, collecting payment, packaging and serving orders. Working as a fast-food cook can be a […]

Field Service Technician Sample Job Description

Field Service Technicians are basically mobile repair and service providers. They are responsible for providing services like installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairing to various systems and equipment at all locations within the assigned work area. The equipment they work on can range from home-based equipment, such as appliances, televisions, computer, and air conditioners to heavy […]