Cover Letter

Cover Letter Sample for Communications Manager

Advertisement: A cover letter is a very important document in the job search process. It plays an important part in determining your candidacy. A strategically targeted cover letter can help you secure an interview for the position successfully. While writing a cover letter for the position of a communications manager, highlight your communication skills in […]

Cover Letter Example for Waitress

Advertisement: A cover letter for any position is very important as it primarily introduces the candidate to the prospective employer. In order to compose an impressive and interview-winning cover letter for the position of a waitress, it is important to know what the employer is looking for and then incorporate the required skills in your […]

Cover Letter Sample for Dental Assistant

Hiring managers hardly spend 30 seconds to study a cover letter. Therefore, your cover letter should be impressive enough to convince the recruiter to consider the attached resume as well and call you for an interview. In order to grab the attention of a recruiter who might be receiving numerous cover letters and resumes every day, […]

Sample Cover Letter for Police Chief Position

Police chiefs are sometimes referred to as the chief of police, the police superintendent, or the police commissioner. It is a highly demanding position. A police chief is responsible for directing and supervising day-to-day activities of the police personnel under their supervision. They are also responsible for designing and implementing law enforcement programs. Below is a […]

Example Cover Letter for Preschool Director

Preschool teachers may be a great influence on young students but without the administration of preschool directors, the whole deal may not be as well handled as we would like to think so. Preschool directors create policies, manages staff and oversees daily operations. General duties of a preschool director includes hiring and training preschool staff, advertising and […]

Cover Letter Template for Payroll Administrator

Working as a Payroll Administrator is a challenging job. It demands complete understanding of payroll procedures and skills and expertise in most of the payroll software and interface as most of the organizations  maintain computerized payroll interfaces. While writing a cover letter for the position of payroll administrator, choose a format that best highlights your relevant skills […]

Cover Letter Sample for Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)

Writing an attractive and job winning cover letter for a Medical Laboratory Technician is a complex piece of work. As this position is a quite demanding one, therefore, it is extremely important to pay special attention while writing the cover letter for the same. A successful MLT cover letter should showcase your knowledge regarding the […]

Top 10 Cover Letter Mistakes

Everyone knows that writing a resume is a very important part of job search process but it is compulsory that your resume is accompanied by a well-written and targeted cover letter. A cover letter plays an important role in deciding whether you will land an interview or not. If written properly, a cover letter can […]

Top 10 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Cover letter, also known as the letter of introduction, is a primary contact between a candidate and an employer. Your resume should always be accompanied by a well-crafted cover letter, whether demanded by the prospective employer or not. A successful cover letter can persuade the employer to read your resume with greater interest and will improve […]

Cover Letter Sample for Musician

A musician is an individual who is talented at playing various musical instruments or is musically talented. Musicians can specialize in any musical style and some musicians play in a variety of different styles. Musicians are skilled at performing, conducting, singing, composing and arranging music. Musicians may perform as solo artists, in bands, choirs, and orchestras either in […]