Carpet Installer Sample Job Description


As the name indicates, carpet installers lay carpets in homes, offices, and public buildings. They are responsible for removing old carpets, inspecting surfaces, measuring, cutting, and installing new carpets on the facility floor.

To work as a carpet installer, one should have a strong ability to read and understand floor plans along with physical dexterity, attention to detail, accuracy, and customer service orientation. A high school diploma is generally enough to work as a carpet installer.

If working as a carpet installer is what you want to do, then take a look at the following list of duties:

Carpet Installer Sample Job Description

• Determine client’s carpet installation requirements
• Inform clients about available carpet types
• Prepare and exhibit carpet samples for selection and make recommendations
• Measure the area to be carpeted and draw up specifications for the carpets
• Provide accurate cost estimations based on floor size and the type of material required
• Remove all the furniture and trash and debris from the work area
• Remove old carpeting and flooring
• Inspect surfaces and analyzing traffic patterns
• Roll out, measure, and cut carpets to size
• Use glue or tape to firmly install carpets on floor and wall edges
• Seam edges using heated carpet irons or tapes and glues
• Finish the carpet edges properly by trimming away any irregular areas and eliminating imperfections
• Clean the place after installation and moving furniture back to the carpeted area