Resume Template for Building Caretaker


Building caretakers are in charge of looking after buildings and related premises such as grounds. They give surveillance support and make sure that building is maintained properly. Building caretakers generally work in companies, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Hiring managers would like that the caretakers they employ have some background in maintenance and a high school diploma. Building caretakers are required to perform a lot more than just surveillance. The following resume sample can be used as an example to write your own when applying for a similar position.


Resume Template for Building Caretaker


Orlando Lee

783 Lake Avenue

Juneau, Alaska 32832

(323) 428-877,

Highly skilled caretaker with 5+ years’ hands-on experience in maintaining and conducting building development programs. Special focus on supervising building care taking personnel. Substantial knowledge of maintaining buildings and grounds and make sure that all systems are working properly.

● Plumbing ● Painting ● Electric work
● Security check ● Grounds Keeping ● Housekeeping

• Developed a security plan for the office building following previous caretaker’s lack of ability to secure the building.
• Wrote a booklet on improving DIY skills for new and existing care taking personnel.
• Gave assistance to the administration in placing fire regulations for the office building.


Building Caretaker | ABC Company, Juneau, Alaska | January 2012 – Present

• Make sure that the building is secured at all times from unapproved entry.
• Open, close, lock and unlock office building at the start and end of the day.
• Check CCTV system and set alarm systems.
• Make sure that all windows and doors are locked properly.
• Make certain that firefighting equipment is maintained and ready to use any time.
• Maintain building and grounds on regular basis.
• Ensure that light fixtures and furniture are in good working order.
• Supervise care taking personnel to ensure that they clean and maintain the building in a proper manner.
• Make sure that minor repair work is performed properly.

Caretaker | AAA Organization, Juneau, Alaska | October 2011 – November 2012


• Cleaned and maintained office building by discarding garbage and waste.
• Emptied waste baskets and made sure that washrooms are clean and sanitized.
• Washed and wiped glass windows and doors.
• Ensured that the building is secured by locking doors and windows.
• Checked and responded to fire and burglar alarms.
High School Diploma | City High School | 2010