Property Caretaker Sample Skills


Property Caretakers, who are also known property managers, are responsible for maintaining the assigned property and providing gardening, housekeeping, and other services as per the property owner’s requirements.

Duties of a property caretaker include supervising daily operations, making repairs, performing seasonal Maintainance, cleaning premises, resolving tenant issues, maintaining supplies inventory, and ensuring building security.

Individuals working as property caretakers should exhibit skills in landscaping, building maintenance, pool maintenance, and tenant management along with good communication skills, numeracy skills, organization, and problem-solving.

While no specific level of education is required for a property caretaker job, however a college degree and industry-related experience can enhance your employability.

Property Caretaker Sample Skills

• Special talent in performing landscaping and handling gardening chores like cutting grass, planting trees
• Deeply familiar with best practices in landscaping
• Demonstrated expertise in performing routine buildings and grounds maintenance tasks
• Specifically skilled in handling light repairing, plumbing, and carpentry work
• Skilled in keeping assigned areas clean and free of debris
• Solid track record of monitoring security and safety of the property at all times
• Excellent ability to maintain positive relationships with homeowners, tenants, and visitors
• Ability to work independently with minimal or no supervision
• Particularly effective in prioritizing work and multitasking
• Strong organization, attention to detail, and time-management skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Physically fit and capable of lifting heavy objects