Cover Letter Template for Building Caretaker


Security of the building is one of the most important things for any establishment. Schools, hotels, hospitals or any other setting invest a big amount of money and they have to make certain that their office and everything within is secured properly. Building caretakers are basically employed for this purpose. While they provide a lot of security and care taking services themselves their main work needs them to supervise a team of caretakers to make sure that they are performing all the duties necessary for building security.

There is much that building caretakers are required to do in order to ensure that the building is clean, well maintained and secured from uncertified staff.

Following is an excellent cover letter sample for Building Caretaker which will assist you write your own.


 Cover Letter Template for Building Caretaker


762 Noon Avenue
Sacramento, California 87923

June 12, 2014

Ms. Sara Johnes
The AAA Group
783 Main Blvd
Sacramento, California 87382


Dear Ms. Johnes:

Because of the firm belief that an organization’s security and upkeep requirements are crucially important in guaranteeing smooth work operations, I offer my services as a Building Caretaker to take care of both these requirements of The AAA Group. As an efficient caretaker and building supervisor, I am not only knowledgeable about everyday work of building care taking but also capable of overseeing the work of the care taking personnel.

During my work as a building supervisor with XYZ Organization, I have been eagerly involved in a variety of building maintenance and security workshops and training sessions for care taking personnel. I am specially skilled in fixing electrical and plumbing problems within a building. Furthermore, I am proficient at painting, housekeeping and grounds maintenance tasks. It is my belief that attentiveness and alertness is the key to handle all potential threats within limits which is why I strongly believe in performing investigations on a periodic basis.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my abilities and your requirements in detail. I will call your office after 6 days to see if it is possible to arrange a meeting at the time that best matches your schedule.






Resume Enclosed