How to write a good babysitting resume


Babysitters provide care to children when their parents or family members are away. As a teenager, the best way to make some money is to offer babysitting services to relatives or neighbors. Typical duties of a babysitter include preparing and serving meals, bathing and dressing children, doing housekeeping tasks, organizing activities administering medicines, and helping children with homework.

In order to compose an excellent resume for babysitting position it is very important to craft your experience section carefully.

Relate Babysitting Experience

Job of a babysitter is of great importance. It gives you a chance to polish your communication skills, management and organization skills. An experience as a babysitter teaches you about care-giving, compassion and customer-service.

There is a lot that you can include in a resume for a babysitter position. Think carefully about work and achievements as a babysitter and mention them in your resume in an attractive and compelling manner.

Use Other Job Titles

The title “babysitter” seems very casual so first of all what you have to do is to change this term and use alternate titles for this position such as “Child Caregiver” or “Parent’s Helper”. This is important because such job titles add more credibility to the job and grab the reader’s attention instantly. The next important step is to write down the duties that you have performed in the role of babysitter. You can mention duties like supervising children, cooking healthy food, dropping and picking children to and from school etc.


If you have ever helped children with their homework as a babysitter then don’t forget to mention this noteworthy accomplishment in your resume. If you had a chance to work with children with special needs then do write about it and tell how you managed such children and helped them lead a normal life. Babysitting is a profession for someone who is responsible and compassionate. So if you have worked as a babysitter for a few years then it means that a number of parents trusted you with their children. In your resume, it is this trust, experience and relevant skills that you need to highlight so that the employer is left with an impression that you are perfect for this position and gives you an interview call.