Cover Letter Sample for Entry Level Babysitter


Writing an attractive cover letter for an entry level position is a difficult task because the candidate doesn’t have any relevant experience in hand. Similar is the case for the entry level babysitter position. Many candidates get really confused while writing a cover letter for entry level babysitter position because they don’t have any experience to include in their letter.

In order to land an interview successfully for entry-level babysitter position, you need to compose a cover letter that focuses on your transferable skills and relates your skills with the demands and requirements of the employer. An ideal resume for entry-level babysitter position should demonstrate good supervisory skills, caring personality, patience, stamina and effective communication skills along with good listening skills.

Start your letter with a unique and persuading manner. Be creative while writing the first paragraph of your letter since it provides you with an opportunity to create a good first impression. But stay professional and include only that information which is relevant to the position in consideration.

Following cover letter template for the entry level babysitter position will guide you further in this regard:
Entry Level Babysitter Cover Letter with No Experience


Jordan Willows

873 Case street • Tallahassee, Florida 82743 • (629)742-9175 •

March 17, 2016

Mr. Edmund Smith
HR Manager
ABC Babysitting Agency
272 Main Blvd
Tallahassee, Florida 49147

Dear Mr. Smith:

Yesterday, I came across an advertisement for the entry level babysitter position currently available at ABC Babysitting Agency. Considering my caring personality and friendly nature coupled with my sense of responsibility and compassion, I believe that I am the perfect choice for this position.

I possess excellent communication skills along with good listening skills, supervisory skills, ability to multitask and child nourishment abilities. Moreover, I possess substantial knowledge of early childhood development and I am able to help young children through separation anxiety situations, using distraction and refocusing techniques to help kids through those tough emotions. I am also skilled in:

• Providing safe an friendly environment for the children
• Proficient in establishing positive relationships with the children by designing creative games and activities.
• Dressing children and changing diapers
• Preparing healthy meals and snacks
• Performing light housekeeping duties

I possess the energy and dedication required to deal with infants and toddlers. I am also proficient at handling children in emergencies, administering medicine and disciplining children when necessary.

I strongly believe that if hired, my skillset and qualifications will translate directly into positive feedback from your clients. An opportunity to meet you and discuss the prospect further will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.