Current Trends On Resumes

Advertisement: Everything in the world changes trend with the passage of time. Resumes too! With the significant growth in demand for talent and experience across the board where jobs are concerned, employers now look for people who can truly make a difference to their company. Like with everything else, visual appeal plays a key role […]

Salary of Paralegal and Legal Assistant in USA

Advertisement: The Salary of Paralegal and Legal Assistant differs and depends on contract terms and state of employment. Following are approximate salaries of Legal Assistants / Paralegals in the different states of the USA. Sr| State | Approx Salary 1. South Carolina (SC) $43,000 2. Wisconsin (WI) $39,000 3. New Mexico (NM) $42,000 4. Missouri […]

Skills of Medical Assistant Resume

A medical assistant’s job is an important one. As a medical assistant you will be in charge of keeping the medical office running efficiently where you work – whether it’s in a hospital, medical clinic, a pharmaceutical company or a government health agency. You’ll be a vital part of the team of doctors and nurses […]

Skills of an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants work in a number of capacities – the need to handle administrative functions is evident in every industry and thus administrative assistants are hired in almost every office. Administrative assistants are required to perform a number of jobs that help run an office smoothly. This may include keeping in direct contact with customers […]

Material Packer Resume Sample

A good resume for the position of material packer will help you obtaining your desired job. That’s why we have designed an excellent resume sample for material packer. Lizbeth Lyric 49 Example Street, Some Town, USA 99999 (999) 999-9999, Email Address ____________________________________________________________________ OBJECTIVE A very hard working packer looking for a suitable position in a […]

Babysitter Resume Duties

When building a resume for babysitter or nanny, you may add the following duties in the experience / employment section. These statements are most relevant to typical babysitting tasks. In fact, duties or experience section of any resume is the decisive factor so always try to make them attractive. These bullet points also contain relevant […]

Factory Worker Resume Sample

Following are a number of skills statements which might be included in a factory worker resume. You may select some or all as appropriate to the position. Factory Worker Resume Skills • Accurate, tolerant, vigilant, responsible, quick and alert • Possess basic math skills • Expert in collecting raw resources for processing, measuring and mixing […]

Resume Sample For Nurse

The healthcare profession is one of the most noble of professions on earth especially if you are a nurse. Nursing is a fast growing industry that employs thousands of individuals each year. Nurse Job Overview Nurses provide direct patient care by providing them with advanced care and ensuring that they are given the right medicines […]

Bagger Skills for Resume Sample

A bagger resume must be well-equipped with an effective skills section which will make your resume stand out. Skills section on a bagger resume make its appearance interesting and increase the chances for a call of interview. Look at the following skills which are relevant to bagger job. Select 4-5 phrases ti include in your […]

Valet Resume Sample

A parking valet or attendant typically welcomes guests, visitors or employees as they enter into premise. He opens vehicle doors, takes keys, gives a slip or ticket and park vehicle in the appropriate space. At departure, the valet obtains ticket and cash, gets back their keys from a booth and hand over the vehicle to […]