Purchasing Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Advertisement: Purchasing coordinators are responsible for carrying out a variety of purchasing duties for different organizations that they represent. This may include researching pricing trends, negotiating prices, performing financial analysis, updating records, and recruiting and training staff. Their duties may vary depending upon the type of organization that they work for. Their main job is […]

Cover Letter Template for AC Technician

Advertisement: A cover letter is a document that provides you a great opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer while connecting your skills and experience with the job for which you’re applying. Below are some tips for writing a successful cover letter: Starting: Take the time to try and find out the name and gender […]

Cover Letter Sample for Office Administration Clerk

Office Administration Clerks work in different companies and industries where they are responsible for keeping things organized, compiling and maintaining business transactions and completing administration tasks. A resume for the position of office administration clerk should reflect some knowledge of the company and interest in the position along with strong clerical and administrative skills, good […]

Stock Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Stock Clerks work in stores, warehouses, stockrooms, and other storage facilities where they are responsible for maintaining stock room. They receive, unpack and inspect merchandise, stock shelves and keep track of inventories. They are also required to assist customers place orders properly. Stock clerks must be physically fit and able to lift heavy objects, stoop […]

Sample Resume for Restaurant Owner

Owning a restaurant is a dream of many individuals who are interested in culinary business. It can be exciting as well as lucrative. Anyone can become a restaurant owner but it takes more that desire to be a profitable one. Being a restaurant owner requires skills and dedication. A restaurant manager is responsible for maintaining […]

Resume Sample for Flight Attendant (No Experience)

In order to get the job pf a flight attendant, you should write a well-crafted and targeted resume containing your relevant skills and competencies. Draft it after careful consideration of the needs of the potential employer. This is your chance of convincing the hiring manager that you are the right candidate for this position. In […]

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for an AC Technician

Air conditioning technicians work in industrial, commercial and residential settings where they are required to install, repair and maintain HVAC systems. These technicians are trained to work with the tools and equipment required for fixing, overhauling, and maintaining air conditioners. They inspect the site, review the blueprint and make plans for fixing pumps, vents, air […]

Sample Job Description for College Clerk

College Clerks have duties which vary from college to college, but their responsibilities are mainly administrative and clerical. They are required to carry out tasks like photocopying, handling correspondence, providing support to admission office and receiving visitors etc. College clerk is the first person that you come across when you enter a college office. It […]

Resume Example for Program Support Assistant

A resume is the most important document of a job hunt. A carefully composed resume can increase your chances of getting an interview to great extent. But if written carelessly, it can be very dangerous for your candidacy. Writing a resume for a program support assistant position can be a complicated task. Each and every […]

Meat Cutter Resume Sample Duties and Responsibilities

Meat cutters, also known as butchers, use knives and other carving tools to cut, trim and prepare meat for sale to customers. Meat Cutters make sure that fresh meat products are available to customers. Their general duties include cutting meat, de-boning, weighing and labeling meat, reducing wastes, serving customers and handling special requests, and maintaining […]