Apparel Designer Resume Sample


Apparel designers are in charge of the design and development of clothing and other fashion products.

When writing a resume for the position of an apparel designer, you need to be careful in writing the skills section. Showcase your creativity, CAD software familiarity, management, and communication skills in a unique and compelling manner in order to persuade the reader that you are the perfect choice for this position.

Following is a good resume sample for apparel designer position.


Apparel Designer Resume Sample


Blair Willows

782 Seventh Street ♦ Juneau, Alaska 87293 ♦ (721) 235-5328 ♦

PROFILE: A creative and self-driven apparel designer with a keen eye for new fashion trends. Exceptionally creative outlining aptitudes with involvement in formal and semi-formal ladies’ wear planning. Exceptional sense of style, know-how of steadily changing patterns in attire and fashion related prescient forces.

• Extensive knowledge of design tools and techniques.
• Ability to mentor a new team of designers.
• Familiar with the principles and methods for promoting and selling products or services.
• Profound ability to remain update with upcoming fashion changes in cloths.
• Expert in designing cloths according to the modern trends.
• Skilled at generating theme based designs.


Fashion designer | ABC Wear, Juneau, Alaska | June 2015 – Present

• Designed and developed stylish and contemporary casual for different age groups
• Developed successful advertising campaigns for sales promotions, fashion shows, and direct mail promotions
• Prepared technical sketches, generated line sheets and updated price calculation list
• Organized and supervised promotional photo shoot sessions and helped in decisions about backgrounds and model get ups.

Selected Accomplishments
• Created and developed design concepts for Fall-Winter Collection 2014 and Spring-Summer 2012.
• Increased customer base by approximately 50% through creative design that brought fresh look to traditional style geared towards upper middle class.
• Appointed to design and pattern cut for PFDC Fashion Week 2014, and a celebration for Nilofer Shahid’s 20th Anniversary 2011.
• Designed over 50 garments for fashion shows, and about 500 designs and patterns over the course of my employment.

Fashion Designing Intern | ABC Outlet, Juneau, Alaska | February 2010-May 2015

• Worked with technical designers to assure accurate fit on all garments.
• Coordinated sampling, technical designs and seasonal line shootings for final approvals.
• Developed color palette and fabrics ways for each collections.
• Designed digital graphics for company flyers and apparel design, etc.

• Familiar with the use of various graphic designing software.
• Capable of leading a team of fresh designers.
• Highly creative and good eye for material.
• Knowledgeable about current fashion trends.
• Strong visualization ability.

State University, Juneau, Alaska
Masters in Fashion Designing