Sample Resume for Police Chief

Advertisement: Position of a Police Chief is a demanding one as these professionals are accountable for guaranteeing that the area under their control is safe from any kind of unlawful or criminal activities. They direct teams of police personnel to keep their cities safe and to intervene in any unfavorable situation. As these professionals are deemed […]

Cover Letter Template for Daycare Teacher

Advertisement: Preliminary education is extremely important for every child. The early development stages of children are very sensitive. Therefore it is crucially important that their development requirements are met properly. Daycare Teachers are employed by childcare facilities to look after and educate young student properly both in terms of physical and mental needs. Those looking […]

Cover Letter Template for Childcare Teacher

Childcare Teachers work in preschools and are responsible for providing instruction to young children. They generally supervise children in terms of behavior, implement educational programs and make sure that all classroom activities are carried out in a safe and conductive manner. While some childcare teachers may work at daycare centers and people’s homes, most work in an academic […]

Example Cover Letter for Preschool Director

Preschool teachers may be a great influence on young students but without the administration of preschool directors, the whole deal may not be as well handled as we would like to think so. Preschool directors create policies, manages staff and oversees daily operations. General duties of a preschool director includes hiring and training preschool staff, advertising and […]

Resume Sample for Preschool Director

A Preschool Director creates policies, manages staff and oversees daily operations. Preschool teachers may have a great influence on young students but without the input and administration of preschool directors, the whole deal may not be as well handled as we would like to think so. A Preschool Director is an administrator who is in charge […]

Resume Example for Supermarket Cashier

Supermarket cashiers are employed by grocery stores where they are stationed at the check-out register and are required to ring up the goods a customer wants to purchase. Cashiers are expected to work weekend or holiday hours based on the requirements of their store. Furthermore, cashiers may have to work evenings and nights. A lot […]

How to Write a Cover Letter for Healthcare Position

In order to get the attention of an employer who might be receiving numerous cover letters and resumes daily, you need to compose an extraordinarily attractive cover letter. The most important thing in a job cover letter is relevance of the candidate’s profile with the employer’s requirements. To achieve this, it is extremely important to read the job description issued by […]

Cover Letter Template for Payroll Administrator

Working as a Payroll Administrator is a challenging job. It demands complete understanding of payroll procedures and skills and expertise in most of the payroll software and interface as most of the organizations  maintain computerized payroll interfaces. While writing a cover letter for the position of payroll administrator, choose a format that best highlights your relevant skills […]

Sample Resume for Payroll Administrator

A payroll administrator is an individual who is responsible for ensuring that all employees within an organization are paid in an accurate and timely fashion. If you want to apply for a position of payroll administrator, you need to come up with a resume that showcases your qualifications, expertise and relevant experience in an attractive […]

Sample Job Description of an Office Receptionist

In any organization, the position of a receptionist is of great importance. A receptionist is the first point of contact in an organization and provides administrative support across the organization. He/She is responsible for handling the flow of people through the business and make sure that all receptionist responsibilities are completed accurately and in a timely […]