Recommendation Letter Sample for Legal Intern

Advertisement: Professors of law students usually ask for recommendation letter as a proof of their students’ work. The recommendation or reference letters are very important as they can have a major impact on the overall evaluation of the student. The recommendation letter is mostly written by a teacher or direct supervisor. If you are asked […]

Cover Letter Template for Teller Coordinator

Advertisement: A cover letter typically accompanies each resume you send out. The cover letter allows you to target the job and the employer in a very specific way, leaving the resume to market your skills, qualities and experience as a part of the bigger picture. Your cover letter should not be a copy of your […]

Thank You Letter for Donation to Hospital

When your organization receives funding of any sort, it is very important to write a thank you letter to show your gratitude to the donors. Thank you letters are the best way of making the donors feel appreciated and let them know how they helped. Writing a thank you letter helps strengthening relationships with donors […]

Dental Office Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

Dental office administrators are responsible for making sure that a dentist’s office runs smoothly. These individuals carry out many duties including supervising staff, scheduling appointments, organizing events, answering phone calls, purchasing supplies and keeping the dental facility well-organized at all times. A dental office administrator should possess excellent leadership skills and analytical thinking along with […]

Sample Duties and Responsibilities for Preschool Assistant Teacher

It is not possible for a lead teachers to handle a class full of preschoolers all by themselves therefore, there is always a great need for a preschool assistant teacher to provide support to lead teacher and supervise children during class activities and during lunch and play time. Preschool teachers usually learn the inns and […]

Teller Coordinator Job Description

A job as a Teller Coordinator falls under the broader category of Tellers. Teller Coordinators are responsible for supervising the tellers who work at the bank. They perform more or less same duties as the regular tellers. They receive checks and cash for deposit, verify amounts, and check accuracy of deposit slips. As the name […]

Shoe Store Sales Associate Job Description

Shoe store sales associates work in shoe stores and help customers in choosing the right pair. These professionals generally handle same type of work regardless of the setting that they work in. Their general duties may include greeting customers as they enter the store and ask for their preferences and assist them in choosing the […]

Resume Sample for Geriatric Nursing Assistant

Geriatric nursing assistants are allied health professionals who work directly to supply care to elderly patients. Geriatric nursing assistants often work in long-term care facilities and nursing homes. They may also work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, or in patients’ homes. In order to secure the position of a Geriatric nursing assistant, you have to compose […]

Sample Skills List for Warehouse Worker Resume

A warehouse worker is required to perform a number of duties in a warehouse setting. These individuals are expected to perform a lot of work that demands physical strength and dexterity. A warehouse worker needs to be well knowledgeable about goods and shipment procedures. They should possess the ability to bend and stoop and work […]

Sample Cover Letter for Legal Intern

Legal internships provide first-hand experience in the legal profession and a close look at the day-to-day responsibilities that come with being an attorney. Many law students panic when they sit down to write their first cover letter for legal intern position. However, writing a cover letter for legal intern position is not that difficult at […]